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Rigorous Academics from a Christian World View

As Christians, we believe in the importance of acknowledging God as the author of all things including scholastic subjects. Therefore, our program seeks to honor God by acknowledging His preeminence in all subjects, and His guidance in all activities.

We believe that students should be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to function effectively in a competitive world. Our program is accredited by Cognia (SACS), and follows the Georgia College Board entrance requirements, includes SAT and ACT readiness, and exceeds the Georgia Performance Standards. We are continually re-evaluating our academic program for improvement.

We primarily use BJU Press curriculum in early elementary through middle school, supplementing with novel studies and other publishers’ materials. In high school we continue to use BJU Press curriculum for many of our classes. We use College Board required textbooks in AP classes. Our English Language Arts classes use a variety of resources from different publishers along with novel studies that are age appropriate.


School/Parent Partnership Covenant

Fideles Christian School is a partnership between the parents and the teacher(s), and both have a part to play in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the student. It is important to recognize that we are working in partnership in order to disciple and educate the student. A successful partnership, therefore, will include the following elements from the two parties.

The school shall provide:

  • A Christian environment that is safe and conducive to learning
  • Educational services to students including classroom instruction, home assignments, tests, grading, projects, field trips, parties, and standardized testing
  • Counsel and advice to high school students regarding college admission

The parent(s) shall provide:

  • A student that agrees to follow Christian behavior as defined in the Fideles Student Code of Conduct
  • A student that is ready to learn and receive instruction
  • Direction at home for the student as he or she works on home assignments, to ensure that the student spends adequate time on assignments and completes them to the required level of expectation
  • Supervision over the progress of the student, and assistance to the student by answering questions and providing guidance as the parent is able
  • A home environment that reinforces and builds on this instruction with prayer, church involvement, and parental discipleship and guidance

Fideles Christian School will not consider for enrollment any student who has been expelled from another school or who has a record of serious or repeated behavioral problems.

Discipline Policies

In order to assure that every family’s investment of time, energy, and money is protected and maximized, it is necessary to establish rules of discipline that promote an orderly environment in the school. These rules will be enforced by a system of demerits issued at the discretion of the teachers according to the following categories:

Disruptive behavior: behavior that the teacher deems distracting to the teacher, the student, or the class; any disrespectful behavior

Dangerous or injurious behavior: behavior that the teacher deems potentially dangerous or harmful to the student or other students (physical or emotional)

Immoral behavior: behavior that the teacher deems Biblically inappropriate (language or actions)

Discipline Policies for Elementary Students

  • Minor infractions will receive one demerit. If a student reaches three demerits in one day, he or she may be required to leave the classroom and report to the school office for a “time-out.” The parent will be notified by the teacher when this action is taken.
  • Infractions of a chronic or serious nature can receive more than one demerit including three at one time and immediate removal from the classroom. Students who persist in disrespectful, disruptive, dangerous, immoral or destructive behavior may be subject to suspension or, in extreme cases, expulsion.
  • Suspension restricts a student from attending or participating in any school activity during the duration for the suspension. A student who has been suspended is not permitted to make up any work that has been assigned during the period of suspension.
  • Expulsion results in the immediate dismissal from all classes and activities and the expulsion will appear on the student’s permanent record.

Discipline Policy for 6th through 12th Grade Students

  • Minor infractions will receive one demerit. Minor infractions might include, but are not limited to, disruption of the classroom and showing disrespect to the teacher or other students. Parents will receive an immediate email notification of the demerit.
  • The school expects the parents to handle the discipline at this level. If a student’s behavior does not improve, a parent conference will be called.
  • Infractions of a chronic or more serious nature can receive the following consequences (these infractions might include, but are not limited to, dangerous, immoral or destructive behavior, and disrespect and/or disruption that is chronic in nature):
    • A conference between parents, student and administration to discuss the behavior to determine consequences
      Removal from the classroom and suspension for the remainder of the day
    • Immediate removal from the classroom followed by extended suspension for a determined number of days
  • If a student persists in disruptive, disrespectful, dangerous, destructive, or immoral behavior after the above steps have been taken, that student will be subject to expulsion.
  • Suspension restricts a student from attending or participating in any school activity during the duration for the suspension. A student who has been suspended is not permitted to make up any work that has been assigned during the period of suspension.
  • Expulsion results in the immediate dismissal from all classes and activities and the expulsion must appear on the student’s permanent record.
Dress Code

Fideles serves a broad spectrum of the Christian community consisting of those who might be considered more conservative to those who are more lenient in their convictions concerning dress and grooming. Without making judgments regarding these viewpoints, we refer to the principles in the Scriptures (I Corinthians 8:8-13 and Philippians 2:1-3) that instruct us to defer to our brethren in the Lord in regard to these matters of conscience. We have outlined our dress code in hopes that it will find a common consensus and we ask parent partners to instruct their own children in these principles from the Scriptures as a way to instruct the heart and not simply seek conformity to an arbitrary code.

The Dress Code is outlined in the documents below:

Boy’s Uniform

Girl’s Uniform

We will enforce the dress code for the sake of everyone involved from faculty and staff to students and parents. Dress code violations may result in removal of the student from class until the violation is remedied. Parents may be required to pick their child up and take him/her home to change or bring a change of clothes to the school.

Please oversee your child’s dress with diligence to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.


At Fideles we communicate with our families electronically almost exclusively. Except for conversations in which more detailed discussion is necessary, email is more efficient, less disruptive, and a more certain means of communication than snail mail or phone tag. Parents need to check their email regularly for communications from us. However, please do not hesitate to call us by phone if necessary. Click here for contact information.

Weekly assignments and grades are posted on our web site on the RenWeb student pages. Parents can log into this RenWeb site to see their students’ information.


Peanut & Nut Allergies

It is the goal of Fideles Christian School to provide a safe environment suitable to optimal learning for all students. Since Fideles cannot guarantee that the school will be “peanut-free,” the school policy will be as follows:

  • For students in grades K-3, we will ask parents to refrain from sending in peanut products only when a SEVERE allergy to peanut products is documented by a child’s physician. We will also provide a “peanut-free table” for the allergic child to sit at during lunch along with a friend that has a peanut-free lunch.
  • For students in grades 4-12 with severe peanut allergy, a peanut-free table will be provided for the student to sit at during lunch along friends that have peanut-free lunches.
  • For all students with peanut/nut allergies, an epi-pen must be kept in the office at all times and will be administered in the event of an emergency.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Fideles of SEVERE allergies requiring any of the above actions. It is also the parent’s responsibility to provide the emergency medications.



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