Upper & Lower School Drama Productions

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Drama Info

Lower School Drama Director:
Kendra Rice

Upper School Drama Director:
Lauren Dunleavy

Grade Levels: All Grades

Fideles Christian School Drama


Fideles Drama is dedicated to nurturing creativity, fostering teamwork, and cultivating spiritual growth through the transformative power of theater. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment where students can explore their artistic talents, develop essential communication skills, and expand empathy and understanding through storytelling. 

Research shows that students who participate in drama programs benefit academically, socially and emotionally. Some of the benefits include enhancing critical thinking and oral language skills, improving reading achievement, increased writing skill outcomes, development of moral and spiritual values, understanding and appreciation of cultural values, and building self confidence.

Fideles Drama not only provides exciting acting opportunities for students, but also provides leadership opportunities including student assistant directors, stage crew, technical crew, costume design, and student choreographers. In our Fideles Drama program, students are able to strengthen their acting skills, work hard with like-minded students, and have fun presenting wholesome, positive stage productions.

Our after school clubs include Lower School Drama is for grades 4-8 which performs in February shows like Seussical Jr., Peter Pan Jr., Lion King Kids and Aladdin Jr.

High School drama starts later in the year with a spring performance with plays like Murders in the Heir, Just Another High School Play, Clue, Anne of Green Gable and Arsenic and Old Lace. 

Drama Details

How often do the groups meet?
Once per week plus one Saturday per month with added rehearsals as the production nears.

What qualifications are necessary?
Current students with passing grades and positive attitudes.

Is there a cost to participate?
Currently, there is no additional cost to participate in drama (other than costumes and props that might be necessary for your part).

How can a student join?
Each drama production requires an audition. Scheduling will be promoted on the Fideles Christian School app.


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