Our Logo

Fideles, properly pronounced “fee-day-lace,” is Latin for “faithful ones.” Its meaning captures the Fideles value of partnering with families in the training of their children to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ—particularly as this training relates to their educational and vocational callings in life.

Its Latin origin symbolizes a desire to pass on a scholarly inheritance from western civilization and the knowledge of the centrality of the role of the church in it. From the time of Rome’s acceptance of the Christian faith, the church adopted and utilized the Latin language as it established churches and schools throughout Western Europe. From Europe, the church influenced North America and, ultimately, the world. This aspect also illustrates the Fideles value of students being a light to a world darkened by sin.

The logo, the open Bible, the lighted candle, and the stars above is inspired by an early (ca. 12th-13th centuries) group of Christian “faithful ones” known as the Waldenses. In their effort to be faithful, they sought to make pure their faith and practices and to be consistent with their understanding of the Bible. After years of obscurity and persecution, they eventually prospered and grew in numbers and migrated to other parts of the world. One group of them came to North America and founded the town of Valdese, North Carolina, where they still remember and celebrate their past.

waldenses_symbolHistory has shown them to truly be Fideles, “faithful ones.” Their motto is “Lux Lucet in Tenebris,” which means “Light Shines in Darkness.” This motto/proclamation is reflected in the design of their emblem after which the Fideles logo is modeled.

The logo has as its basis an open Bible, and it signifies that God’s revelation and guidance is the foundation and the source of all wisdom and knowledge. The candle above it represents the scholarship and study involved in applying God’s word. The flame on the candle represents the necessary illumination of the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit, who gives light to believers internally and to their witness in the world. The stars represent the Church.