Jonny and Ellen Whisenant like to say that they founded a school because they had children. Their story began with the simple belief that they were to raise their children to be disciples of Jesus, and that their children should have a quality, affordable Christian-based education. They believed that as parents, they were the ones primarily responsible for that task and began their long journey pursuing that end. Over time their conviction that parents should be directly involved in the education of their children grew even stronger. But they also realized the importance of utilizing the God-given educational talents of adults in the Church. The result was Fideles Christian School, a school that blends those two convictions.

Fideles Christian School started as classes taught by Ellen for middle school students in a home basement. In 2004 the school moved to its current location and launched a full program for kindergarten through high school. Fideles is forever impacted by the vision and guidance of the Whisenants.

Jonny & Ellen Whisenant